Get Your Home Thanksgiving Ready!

Thanksgiving can be quite an affair. Those family dinners – remember how fun, awkward, unforgettable, exciting, and not to mention, gastronomically fulfilling those gatherings can be! Aside from the dinner menu, you also need to make sure your house is looking the part too!

So how can you make your home Thanksgiving ready without spending a ton. Plus, of course, since you’re quite a busybody you would rather do simple decorations you can easily put together. Here are some of our pretty inspirations we got from Pinterest to making your home perfect for Thanksgiving!

Easy Peasy Candle Holders

These babies need just two or three things – the candle, the container, and that added autumn funk. You can add corn kernels, autumn leaves, nuts, or fruits. In the case of the apple candles, you cut a hole for the candles, insert the candles, and that’s about it. Easy peasy right?

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Spruce Up That Wall

Okay, you just don’t have the time for quick decor fixes, then the even easier way to add that Thanksgiving vibe to your home is with poster prints. Just change the photos on your existing frames and viola! looks and feels like Thanksgiving already!

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All Squashed Up!

The perennial Thanksgiving highlight – the pumpkin. Did you know it can be used in so many ways other than in pumpkin soup and pies? It can be carved and transformed into a cooler for your Thanksgiving drinks or into flowers vases to add even more color to your home. Smaller pumpkins can be strung into banners. There’s just so many things you can do with pumpkins

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 Throw Pillow Transformations

Another oh-so-easy way to get that autumn ambiance and Thanksgiving feel to your home is changing your throw pillow covers into something that’s definitely speaks for itself. It’s going to be fun snuggling with these!

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Other No-Sweat and Nifty Decorations

And here are even more nifty Thanksgiving decorations you can do in no time! They’re easy and for the most part, some of them you pick off the ground – leaves, pine cones, acorns, twigs – you get the picture.

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