Our Autumn Faves from Design Seeds

We are loving the colors of fall, aren’t we? Autumn is bursting with vivid colors just before we all give way to the white beauty of winter. Witnessing the color transformation from the bright tones at the start of autumn to the pale, neutral shades in the last days of fall – it’s a wonderful journey that nature allows us to experience every year.

Here are our top five favorite autumn color palettes from Design Seeds ❤️


The leaves start to change colors and the last fruits of summer are ready for harvest. With a hot cup of coffee, watching the leaves sway in the autumn breeze can be hypnotizing.


And of course, pumpkins! They are a staple. What would autumn be without pumpkins!


Mother Nature certainly got a way with these leaves! You can recreate the same transformation on any space using this pretty and cozy color palette.


And little by little, as the first flurries start to fall, the last leaves of autumn fall to the ground. The world is slowly losing its vigor and sticking to the more neutral tones.


The branches are barren. The last of the leaves are gone, and the birds have long left for warmer weather except for a few who choose to brave winter on these temperate trees. The colors are now more subdued, taking on the first snow and winter chill.

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