Our fave Home redesign hacks for 2016!

Pantone Colors of the year!

Play around with Rose Quartz & Serenity, the colors of 2016! If you’re not too sure about large pieces of your furniture being baby blue or baby pink, start with smaller things, like kitchen appliances, chairs, or things you can change or remove even more easily, like notebooks on your desk! πŸ™‚

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Rose Gold for Bathroom

Rose gold can lately be seen everywhere – and unlike silver, it will fill your room with warmth. It’s also a lot more contemporary & trendy than the usual gold. Works great in combination with white & can add a nice girly touch to the room without being too overwhelming or Barbie-like.



Home-made DIY frames – everywhere

We’re all about DIY & when we see a good one, it’s like “we need this for our posters!” πŸ™‚ This particular 1 is easy peasy, made of 12 branches, spray painted in gold (but can be any color really, or even left natural!).


Green Kitchen

I’m biased here because I have one! But, speaking from my experience, green kitchen will fill your life (& plate) with freshness, energy & positivity! You can go full on green, with all doors and tops, or just partly (looks great with white or light wood). If you’re not up for some painting or buying new kitchen furniture, go ahead and add some plants to your food area – this means green more than anything!


Piping design for Office

This year we can expect a whole new range of varieties on plumbers pipe furniture design. It looks very rough, industrial, with a manly touch, and works great in combo with other more fine details. What’s great about it? It’s sturdy, simple, and very easily DIY!



DIY wooden furniture

Speaking of DIY, this is a chunk taken from our very own home office (see the photo!) πŸ™‚ Our founder Tilen has created 3 desks like this one – simple, in rough wood, but still very sturdy & stable! The extra top part (shelf for both screens) goes along with it, and we’re currently working on a bottom shelf for extra storage. It’s budget-friendly, looks great, and as unique as it gets!


LED lights decor in bedroom

Need to say more? They don’t heat up easily, they last forever, and the design options are endless… If you’re dreaming of a starry night bedroom, this is what you start with. Play with patterns & shapes you can create with lights.


Plushie rugs & blankets

Ok, this is definitely a piece that’s more interesting in the cold half of the year. Or if you have a pet. Or if you’re just generally cold. I can relate with both, so.. I swear by plushies. Good stuff to rest your feetsies on, great background for your Insta pics, a nice addition to your bed, Scandinavian style. I don’t think anyone can argue with how very warm, soft and just ultimately comfy this is.

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Monochrome + gold in living room

Let’s just admit we’re all going crazy after Kate Spade inspired pillowsΒ in black & white, mixed with golden details. This way everything will fit in your living room, it’s gonna look clean & posh like Vicky! Monochrome tends to get a little cold because of only 2 colors that aren’t even really colors, that’s why it’s great combining them with such a statement & warm color as gold.



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