Our favorite winter-styled bedrooms

Cool tones & calls of the nature

birch-tree-forest-decal-with-snow-and-birds-winter-bedroom-1161 (1)

Why we like it: cause it reminds us of Norwegian forests, and it seems fresh & calming

Open vast space bedroom


Why we like it: we loved the head rest – full of little shelves for you to place your memories & cute small things in

The perfect kids’ winter shelter


Why we like it: I mean, can it get any better than boys’ / girls’ room, winter inspired, nicely decorated AND in this year’s Pantone colors? 🙂

Nordic stars bedroom


Why we like it: cause we’re all dreamers when it comes to…sleep 🙂 and we really can’t resist LED blue lights above us, pretending at least for a while that we’re in a Neverland

Vintage style


Why we like it: with the pine branches instead of roses, and vintage white wooden closet instead of a shiny one, this bedroom seems warm & pleasant

Full on winter decor


Why we like it: it’s as winter inspired as it gets – I mean, come on, snowflakes hanging above your head? AND it even has LED lights

Winter sunshine


Why we like it: this room is personified sun! And we have to admit, we all need that extra orange-y sunny feeling to fight the winter depression

Mountain Chalet


Why we like it: with its huge window, wood all around, and a big cosy plush blankie on the floor, we just wan to cuddle up & never come out before spring time!

Instagram worthy bedroom


Why we like it: so we can post awesome photos online, duh! Also, any combo of white & gold is so clean & girly… Plus, we love the posters.

Skandi style


Why we like it: low bed frame, very minimalistic & as white as it gets – the ultimate Scandinavian style!

Fashion editor’s bedroom


Why we like it: it’s so damn stylish, with the mags instead of a night stand, a lovely poster (ok, we’re biased), and a big tree branch in the vase.

DIY bedroom


Why we like it: we absolutely support everything DIY, and if it’s a night stand, made of natural materials, hanging from the ceiling, that much better!

Retro luxury bedroom


Why we like it: it’s classy, chic & it has fireplace!! I feel constantly cold in winter so this is actually my dream come true 🙂 except I have cats so…

Hotel bedroom


Why we like it: a clean design & no extra clutter – reminds us on hotels where we spent our fave’ holidays!

Industrial bedroom


Why we like it: bed made of pallets, rough looking lamp, and poster that’s just leaning against the wall

Big city apartment bedroom


Why we like it: marble detailing, huge windows with an awesome view & plants to recover from winter lack of green

Ultimate disco bedroom


Why we like it: because sometimes… we just hate going to sleep! And with this ultra shiny, shimmery, glittery bedroom it kinda defeats the purpose to sleep

Mixing styles bedroom


Why we like it: mid-century light, a whisper of nature, typical office desk lamp & trendy ceiling and closets… why not having it all?

Bedroom from fairy tale


Why we like it: and to finish it off what we’ve started with – nature inspired bedroom that literally feels like from fairy tale but very real at the same time – this one just fills you up with energy 1st thing in the morning!

Doesn’t the list just make you wanna redecorate your bedroom a little? I immediately got 100 wishes & ideas 🙂 the best thing to go with a cozy winter bedroom? Pillows, of course! And what better place to check for some fresh pillow cases than right here!

by neza

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