About us

PastelTrail was founded in 2014 by a boyfriend and a girlfriend team, Tilen and Nezzy – that’s us! We’re based in Europe, and love being surrounded by pretty design. We’ve always been attracted to lovely interior, but it was rarely found in Europe. Mostly it was too posh and over-the-top, cold design. We wanted something warm, homely, to make people around us feel calm and inspired with our products.

We’ve teamed up with a few awesome people who think the same, and share our passion for tiny details full of character. PastelTrail online shop was born in 2015, and we hope to keep inspiring you as long as possible ❤️


The boy of the crew, Tilen is the organizational part of the team. He's constantly aiming towards a faster website, user-friendly pages, and cool offers to satisfy our clients.


Tilen's co-founder Nezzy is the idea and inspo behind the Pastel Trail - loving everything pastel or monochrome, she's in love with minimalistic and chic design. And cute. And kawaii. She loves cats, fashion bloggers and travel vlogs.


Rizzi loves to read. She also loves to cook and, of course, eat. Gardening, DIYs, rock music and scrapbooking are also her thing. She dreams of traveling the world someday.


A twenty-something graphic design ninja based in the Philippines. It is love for creative detail that make her talent. When she's not pushing pixels, you'll find her in the kitchen brewing coffee, or out in the beach enjoying margarita. Growing up in an island, she loves travelling so much and it's her dream to travel the 7,107 islands of her country.


Razz is a rainbowhead, sneakerhead and metalhead. Her passions range from organizing crafty planners to reading crime thriller books to playing FPS games.