Top 9 Design hacks you can get your home winter-ready!

What does a “winter-ready” home even mean? Personally, to me it means a warm home with enough light 🙂 Because it gets really cold & humid here in winter time, we all tend to hold onto anything warm & cozy. Also, we lack daylight – not only due to daylight savings time, unfortunately the days get shorter & shorter as we get closer to that dreaded 21. December 🙂 Trust me, it results in grumpiness & lazy lazy thoughts in your head 😀 What do you wanna do to prevent it?

  1. Lights! This one is kinda obvious, and although they can’t really replace the natural sun light, it does help a tone with our satisfaction & as anti-depression agent! Try finding good LED lights that don’t heat up as much as ordinary bulbs, they’re safer & more economic, and even brighter!
  2. Throw Pillows! What better way to make your home comfy & cozy that with loads of pillows, better yet – a pillow fort? Did someone say movie night?
  3. Blankets & rugs! Again, it’s an awesome solution to defeat any cold getting into your home – physical or mental! It’s a perfect piece of fuzzy fluffy whiteness you can always rest your feet on! Also, it will work great as a background for Instagram photos 😀
  4. Candles! Scented candles don’t only work great as a nice subtle smell in your home, they will also be pleasant to just watch as home decor item! Candles come in all different shapes & colors, so hunt down those that fit with your home color theme.


  5. Rose Gold! Metals work better for winter than any other season! It will look very classy in combination with white elements in your home. Rose gold just goes extremely strong this year, plus it’s a little less harsh as a metal, and also it has a warm undertone, which we’re aiming for in winter right? 😉


  6. Happy Colors! Winter sometimes can mean depression, it gets cold, a lot of times it snows heavily, and in many areas of the world you can’t even leave the house. It can get foggy & just yucky sometimes, so – let your bedding, blinds, curtains, linens,… be in happy orange, yellow or spring green shades and give you sunny feeling that your home lacks.


  7. Wooden accessories! Wood as a material is very warm, which is why we so often see it in many winter / mountain chalets. You don’t even have to go crazy on it – a poster frame here, a nice wooden plate there, and you’re good to go, I mean…stay. At home.


  8. Positive thoughts. It’s easy sometimes to get caught in everyday whining about bad winter weather and worries about what’s to come, we can’t wait for those summer holidays, and beach life, and swimming in the morning… Still, surround yourself with optimistic thoughts in your home that will make it easier for you to relax, feel calm, and be happy.

    poster-mockup-2-just frame


  9. Flowers! Ok, to be honest, I think flowers should be in your home EVERY season, but in winter it’s even more important to have plants inside, to get you a lot of oxygen, because you can’t get it from outside that much. Also, flowers instantly put you in better, fresh, spring-like, romantic mood! They’re this living thing inside your home that, if you don’t have (or can’t have) pets, is a must to prevent loneliness as well.

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